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the source code for this is a visual studio project folder. it may be edited in other text/code editors but i am only familiar with compiling visa Visual Studio.

system info only

initial public release
added services, software printers
fixed some issues with program failure
code tuning

carnageX became lead Dev
+Refactored GUI into totally different layout (tabbed sections now)
+Refactored codebase to split out WMI logic into separate, modular services
+adjusted buttons to not allow program failure

+add list all drives
+Fixed bug when Admin status or current user are null, throws exception - Changed to return string "null"
+Added additional info on the Drives when selected below list
+Updated about screen's OK button to close the dialog.

+Username/password fields for connecting to system that requires them (Allows usage on a Workgroup environment now!)
+Added Local Accounts tab containing list of local accounts / info for selected account
+Lists / controls clear on all tabs when connecting to new system
+Added note on Software tab warning user that it may take time to process and retrieve the list

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